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Tempus Asia Chartline

Example of Tempus Asia Chartline

About Tempus

Tempus Investment is a financial markets research service specializing in technical analysis, based in Hong Kong and founded in 2002 by John Schofield. Since June 2015 the Tempus research service has been providing through the IND-X Advisors research platform.

Our particular focus is on Asian markets, but our methodology is applicable to all freely tradable financial assets around the World.

We take a strategic, big picture approach in our published research, based on the following principles:

- Elimination of statistical “noise” to the maximum extent possible using multi-year, weekly data

- Identification of trends and cycles using tried and tested technical indicators

- Maintaining a high level of objectivity using sound mathematical and statistical principles

- Disciplined trend-following employing our own analytic framework, known as the Five Factor Momentum model (FFM model)

- Deep insight derived from 30 years’ experience of chart-reading

Details of the FFM model can be found in the separate section below.

Download a recent example of the Tempus Asia Chartline or browse the full archive.

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