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About us

Seven Days Ahead sells trading information to banks, hedge funds and the wider community of expert private investors around the World.

A week is a long time in the markets. And getting a true picture of what's going on is something of an art. You need to look a long way back and close up too. Then you must integrate these into a coherent narrative. That means looking at charts in the minutest detail but never losing sight of the big picture. It also means understanding the forces at work inside the mass of economic statistics released each week.

That's why we've created Seven Days Ahead.

It's a subscription service that gives you real insight for the days and weeks ahead. Not by overloading you, but by giving you the clearest threat of understanding there is. You could be a professional with a position risk of millions or trading online at home. Whichever, we believe only dealing-room quality information of trenchant clarity can help you. For your understanding, your decision-making and most importantly, your profits.

We believe in the power of Technical Analysis to transform your trading performance

• Our income is not sales-related so you benefit from our independence.

You can trust us to maximise your profits not your turnover. We are independent of any trading or broking house. It also makes it easier for us to challenge the conventional wisdom if the evidence suggests otherwise. We are happy to be judged purely on the quality of our trading strategies.

• Quick, disciplined decisions from our crisp and readable Guides.

You will be able to go straight to the markets you are trading to find the correct entry and exit levels. Then look around at the other markets to find more opportunities. Each Trading Guide covers a wide range of Currency, Stock, Bond, Interest rate and Commodity markets over the long medium and short term.

• Clear predictions give you clear trades.

You will find our predictions easily tradable. We avoid lofty academic macroeconomic commentary, or passively spotting support and resistance around the market. We take a view by anticipating market moves in a clear and unambiguous way, so our subscribers can profit.

Weekly Market PDF Guide

Each week we assess the patterns and trends emerging and evolvingneach of 13 global markets in the long. medium and short term.   

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Weekly Market PDF Guide + Expert video commentary     

The detailed PDF guide is accompanied with a video commentary highlighting exciting trading and investment situations as they arise.         

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• Help and advice about all our recommendations over time.

You won't be left on your own. We know that if our strategies are allied to good risk control, over time you will realise consistent profits. Not every recommendation will work. Technical and Macro trading is about consistently getting the probabilities on the trader's side. If we have correctly anticipated a market move we will say so. If we have got it wrong we will say so, and suggest what the trader should do next.

We are available by both email and telephone to all paid subscribers for help and advice on all trading matters from the general to the very specific.

We are here to help.


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