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Our video commentaries

Mark Sturdy has been analysing markets for thirty-seven years. Each week he provdes a video narrative accompanying SDA's detailed weekly pdf survey of major world markets.

It's a summary or highlights package of interesting situations.

The idea behind it is to support those who may not have time to sift through the detail each week and instead want to be pointed straight to the most exciting markets each week.

But there may be others who are less familiar with the terms and concepts of technical analysis - so his narrative may help clarify some of the more complex market situations.

After all, it takes many years to read charts at all fluently.

On our summary page there are long medium and short-term technical assessment of each market.

It's an article of faith of ours at Seven Days Ahead that when all three time-frames are in alignment then a compelling trading or investment opportunity has arisen - so he will draw your attention to those first.

But even when all three trading horizons don't align there may be markets that are close to fruition that are worth the close attention of subscribers - in case moves happen and patterns are completed between times. So he will examine those as well.


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