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Apr 20 2021

Seven Days Ahead weekly Multi-Asset Technical Strategies 20th April 2021

Watch this highlights video 20th April 2021

Apr 12 2021

Seven Days Ahead weekly Multi-Asset Technical Strategies 13th April 2021

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Mar 15 2021

Seven Days Ahead weekly Highlights Video 16th March 2021

Ok, so the Dollar has strengthened further against the Euro, but the Euro isn't a compelling sell yet. And the Sterling is even less of a sell since it has bounced perkily with no supports of substance broken at all. The Yen is very weak though, and could still weaken a good deal further as it is adrift within a wide trading range. Note then, the continued strength of the Sterling against the Euro. Looks to us as if it wants to go further.

Sterling Euro :
Long-term BEAR Euro Medium-term BEAR Euro Short-term BEAR Euro

Well, the vulnerabilities across the board we spotted disappeared fast as shorts were covered and the markets are now approaching their recent Highs. Note the loss of energy in the Nikkei and note too the importance of the current level in the EuroStoxx which is so close to a massively important breakout. For the moment, all these markets want to go higher. Watch our levels to add on.

The short and medium-term charts say that the US bond market wants higher yields still. The monthly chart is less clear. German has no medium-term bottom in yields yet. UK Yields have bottomed in the medium-term but they have moved so far so fast that they can back up without destroying that bottom.

Ten Year US bond yield:
Long-term BULL Medium-term BULL Short-term BULL

Oil has paused at a contract high but gives no indication of forming a top. Gold has paused too, caught between support and resistance, but for choice we remain bearish.

Long-term BEAR Medium-term BEAR Short-term BEAR


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Mar 01 2021

Seven Days Ahead weekly Highlights Video 2nd March 2021

Though it's pausing and slightly strengthening the Dollar remains within a convincing bear trend against all the currencies except the Yen. Sterling is the major beneficiary and so looks as if it has further to go against the Euro as well.

The pause and drift in the markets has only threatened very short-term trends so far. The weakest market is the FTSE. As we have long argued, the FTSE's vulnerability and bear potential is starkly revealed when the major bull markets pause. Watch our criticial support levels there closely.

Bond markets have been excitingly bearish in price terms. It's not yet clear that the major long-term price supports and yield resistances have been smashed, but all the important levels in each market are being robustly tested. Short-term these markets look as if they need to pause and consolidate before either driving for higher yields still or falling back. So we are standing aside for the moment.

Oil is without clear structure. Gold looks as if it has broken down and is set for more on the downside both in the longer term and the shorter term.


Feb 22 2021

Seven Days Ahead weekly Highlight VIDEO 22nd February 2021

Watch this highlights video 22.02.2021

Jan 27 2021

Highlights video 26th January 2021

Seven Days Ahead weekly Multi-Asset Technical Strategies 26th January 2021

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