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"The great strength of Seven Days Ahead’s trading guides is their knack for identifying the right levels to get involved in markets – as well as the times when one should stand back - while maintaining a clear view of the longer term trends. I can clearly identify the impact they have had on my trading profits."

Peter Nicholas – Chief Investment Officer, EN Asset Management – London

I have subscribed to many services over the many years.
Yours is the clearest with a clear outline of technical parameters.

Seriously impressed with the quality of service.
I did some writing on markets many years ago and understand in the constant search for a different idea!

Henry Tondowski – Trader – Switzerland

"Seven Days Ahead lends an excellent overview for the World's markets - from a European perspective for varied time frames. The excellent analysis keeps me on the right track over here in Chicago for my markets and many others. "

Craig Kemnitz – President, Kedzie Avenue Capital Management – Chicago

"Seven Days Ahead gives clear insights into what should be happening in all the key financial markets in the days ahead. I have been involved in the financial markets for 25 years, and believe that Mark Sturdy and John Lewis thoroughly deserve their highly-respected reputation. After following Mark Sturdy for many years, he has correctly predicted key turning points in the financial and currency markets well ahead of the crowd.This is through his own well-disciplined, technically-driven, analysis of the charts and their important indicators. John Lewis gives you a clear insight of the potential forces and different time-frames in play. By following John, you will have a good perspective of the markets, and the right weaponry at your disposal to make a rational and decisive judgment."

Charles Swindon – Managing Director, RJH Trading Ltd – London

"Seven Days Ahead's Guides have helped me follow the big picture of stocks around the World - by anticipating some critical cash index moves - good and bad. Thank you."

Rupert Elverson – Private trader – Tuscany, Italy

"After a very modest deposit just to experiment, this week I'm up over GBP 3,200 which I've banked with stop losses and will go towards a nice holiday. I have money invested in equity funds, managed futures/FX accounts where I never hear anything except a statement at the end of the month. So far your subscription is money very well spent."

Aidan McHugh – Bergen, Norway

"Nowadays there are very few share tipping services that a) are authorised by the FSA and b) make their entire track record public and open to scrutiny. The first thing that impressed me about 7DA wasn’t just the performance, it was that their track record looked realistic. Annual returns were in the 10-20% region, not hyperbolic 1000% returns that many claim.

Seven Days ahead have an enviable track record that provides ample evidence that their daily and weekly reports contain valuable trading information. Historically it has not been a smooth ride for the key trades with some year owing the majority of their profits to just a couple of trades. 2009 hasn’t gone to plan, but then previous years were also treading water until a couple of big trades made all the difference.

In conclusion, I have found Seven Days Ahead to be a professional operation. The price unfortunately will put it out of some people’s reach, but there is a free month’s trial available to allow you to make a considered purchase. Recommended for the experienced and well capitalised trader."

Dave Evans – What Really Profits (

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