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Pullback in Gold Looks Set to Continue

17 December 2009

The Commodity Specialist view -



The acceleration upwards in the second half of 2009 recently reached the Fibo projection we had shown in the Commodity Specialist Guide, at 1220, 1.618 swing off prior 1014.60/681.00 2008 downmove.

Reaction here has been negative, prompting a pullback phase.

On this chart note potentially strong support from the prior highs above 1000.



On this chart the uptrend failed just ahead of a growth projection we had calculated.

When the first dual Fibo support just above 1150 was breached a pullback phase was confirmed

The next dual Fibo support just above 1100 is so far being effective, but any s/term strength is seen as temporary ahead of a further slip. The 61.8% & 76.4% bounce levels at 1183 & 1200 should indicate the maximum extent of any s/term recovery.

Next target is the lower support area in the 1070s, which includes 50% and 76.4% levels, and 14-Oct high. Ultimately support from around the 1012.90 Feb high should hold, but at present it is hard to gauge whether this will be seen.




Philip Allwright

Mark Sturdy

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