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EUR/CHF Slide – Time for Support?

08 January 2010


The FX Trader's view -


WEEKLY CHART: The multi-month consolidation in 2009 held above clear support around 1.5000.

The recent break through this has been clear.



The break below 1.5000 has been decisive, with this former support reverting to first key resistance.

A 76.4% pullback level has now been reached, and we await reaction here - sometimes 76.4% can be an effective level in EUR/CHF (as it can be in EUR/USD and USD/CHF).

A bounce from here would not surprise.

However, the nature of the current chart structure suggests that this would be temporary ahead of further bear action. That 1.5000 area should be tough to crack, and note that, ultimately, the 1.5150 Dec breakdown point would need to be overcome to fully negate the current bear outlook.



Philip Allwright

Mark Sturdy

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