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Multi-Asset Fundamental research

Example of Multi-Asset Fundamental research

Trade profitably using the macroeconomic forces behind world markets

John Lewis has spent 29 years trading and writing about markets. He bridges the gap between the trader and the economist to create a consistently profitable week-to-week trading strategy:

Guard your trading positions against future shocks

You will be able to anticipate every important statistic release and its likely effect on the market because we consider each future release and factor it into our current trading advice.

Understand the market’s reaction to macroeconomic releases

You will be able to distinguish between temporary market hysteria and a correct market response to new macroeconomic information.

Look beyond market chatter to the longer-term trends

You won’t be distracted by the day-to-day noise of statistics as we remind you of the underlying trends that can go on for years – giving the most profitable trades of all. This is where our many years of trading experience in the major G7 markets helps.

Don’t be left behind by a sudden change in market expectations

You will be aware of changing market sentiment as we study the current economic debates for new concerns rendering last week’s popular wisdom obsolete. Then we check actual market behaviour – are there vital clues about market sentiment lying in the market’s over or under-reaction to ‘bullish’ and ‘bearish’ figures?

Defend against rising or falling volatility

You need to know when markets are moribund or unpredictable. Each of these needs a different trading strategy. Sometimes no strategy makes sense. We will be frank about our views on how best to get involved in the market, leaving you in no doubt about how to earn a good return on risk.

Download a recent example of the Multi-Asset Fundamental research or browse the full archive.

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